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Our name is our origin story. 


See, we were a group of in-house creative and marketing leaders for a successful alcohol e-commerce platform. Shooting content, editing videos, strategizing campaigns and doing a whole lot of laughing, 1744 Oak Avenue was our hub, our workshop.


As the e-commerce business grew — thanks to marketing tactics we strategized, created, and implemented — we found ourselves consulting as a team for our founder’s other businesses, as well as some of our favorite distilleries. Before long, we looked up and realized we had an agency on our hands.


So, with the support of our Founder (see his marvelous headshot below), we hung our own shingle, supplying clients with a team of marketing and creative whizzes that understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. 


As we grew, and continue to grow, we’ve rolled more talented folks into our roster, giving us all the expertise and capabilities of a large agency — but without all the hoops.

Meet the Team

That will help you meet your goals

Holly Headshot_edited.jpg

Partner | Brand Strategist

Holly Freed

Holly’s track record speaks for itself. A brilliant marketing mind with expertise in growing email marketing direct sales, website development, account management, creative direction, public relations and marketing strategy, in short, she does it all. 


Her background working at large agencies and working with agencies on the client-side gives Holly a unique perspective. She knows what it’s like to be in the client’s shoes, so she knows what it means to deliver top-tier, white-glove service to everyone she works with.

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Zach Headshot_edited.jpg

Partner | Creative Director

Zach Ashman

A storyteller at heart, Zach has a knack for finding the heart of every story, and the skill to tell it effectively. A look at his resume will show that he’s spent time writing content for industry leaders in the spirits, real estate and entertainment industries.


With a background in screenwriting — and a few award-winning scripts to boot — Zach has been trained to deliver emotional impact in his creative work. Using that skillset has driven results for clients across a slew of different business sectors.

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Candice Jordan

Bringing aboard a decade-plus of food and beverage experience from a wide range of marketing, leadership and creative roles, Candice joins the 1744 team in an advisory role. Candice’s track record of driving revenue with cost-conscious solutions makes her invaluable to every organization she works with.


Candice’s lengthy resume includes running successful marketing teams for large corporations, launching the largest food program in Starbucks history, and rebranding the iconic Equal sweetener brand. She always leads with insight, and uses the consumer mindset to drive brand innovation.

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Founder | Partner

Michael Weiss

A seasoned entrepreneur, Michael has invested and built companies from the ground up in a wide range of industries. From FinTech to CPG, his passion for growth, strategy and a clear vision of success make him not only an investor, but a key partner to his businesses.


Time and time again, Michael has demonstrated a keen ability to see a sliver of potential and use it to create a path toward expansion. Currently residing in Chicago’s Northern Suburbs, his focus continues to be developing new properties, growing DTC-companies, and connecting investors to great businesses.

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Cobi Headshot_edited.jpg


Cobi Goldman

For nearly a decade, Cobi has been deeply immersed in the alc-bev industry. On a daily basis managing every aspect of operations for a successful e-commerce start-up — from accounting to fulfillment and everything in between. Without Cobi, the wheels don’t turn.


Cobi’s career as an operations specialist and financial executive has given him an encyclopedic understanding across a range of subjects. From the hierarchies of the three-tier distribution system to the inner-workings for licensing, Cobi is basically a walking business Snapple fact.  

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