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Meet the Team

That will help you meet your goals.

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Holly Freed Headshot

Holly Freed

Partner | Brand Strategist

  • LinkedIn

Holly’s track record speaks for itself. A brilliant mind with expertise in growing email marketing direct sales, website development, account management, creative direction, public relations and marketing strategy, in short, she does it all. 

Zach Ashman Headshot

Zach Ashman

Partner | Creative Director

  • LinkedIn

A storyteller at heart, Zach has a knack for finding the heart of every story, and the skill to tell it effectively. A look at his resume will show that he’s spent time writing content for industry leaders in the spirits, real estate and entertainment industries.

Erin Schoeberle Headshot
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Erin Schoeberle

Social Media & Account Coordinator

Erin is a positive outcome to unrestricted internet access. Her social media marketing journey began in 2012 when she created a One Direction fan Instagram with her friends in Spanish class. Ten years later, she has had a plethora of social media marketing experience within the home furnishings, healthcare, spirits, and lawncare industry. Erin got her degree in Marketing (with a minor in fashion merchandising) from High Point University, where she kept busy freelancing, interning, and even starting her own clubs on campus!

Kathleen Noren Headshot

Kathleen Noren

  • LinkedIn

Jr. Graphic Designer

Growing up in a creative family, Kathleen was always interested in art. Her mom, who also does Graphic Design for a living, encouraged her explore the world of digital art from a young age. She often did freelance work for friends and family (…and some for fun)! Kathleen got her degree in Graphic Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2023. During the course of her college career she also got involved in Graphic Design outside of class, including designing custom apparel on campus, as well as a summer internship at Optimus Inc., a post-production company in Chicago.

Advisory Board

Cobi Goldman Headshot (1).png

Cobi Goldman


  • LinkedIn

For nearly a decade, Cobi has been deeply immersed in the alc-bev industry. On a daily basis managing every aspect of operations for a successful e-commerce start-up — from accounting to fulfillment and everything in between. Without Cobi, the wheels don’t turn.

Michael Weiss Headshot.png

Michael Weiss

Founder & Partner

  • LinkedIn

A seasoned entrepreneur, Michael has invested and built companies from the ground up in a wide range of industries. From FinTech to CPG, his passion for growth, strategy and a clear vision of success make him not only an investor, but a key partner to his businesses.

Candice Gee Headshot.png

Candice Gee


  • LinkedIn

Bringing aboard a decade-plus of food and beverage experience from a wide range of marketing, leadership and creative roles, Candice joins the 1744 team in an advisory role. Candice has a track record of driving revenue with cost-conscious solutions.

Our name is our origin story. 


See, we were a group of in-house creative and marketing leaders for a successful alcohol e-commerce platform. Shooting content, editing videos, strategizing campaigns and doing a whole lot of laughing, 1744 Oak Avenue was our hub, our workshop.


As the e-commerce business grew — thanks to marketing tactics we strategized, created, and implemented — we found ourselves consulting as a team for our founder’s other businesses, as well as some of our favorite distilleries. Before long, we looked up and realized we had an agency on our hands.


So, with the support of our Founder, we hung our own shingle, supplying clients with a team of marketing and creative whizzes that understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. 


As we grew, and continue to grow, we’ve rolled more talented folks into our roster, giving us all the expertise and capabilities of a large agency — but without all the hoops.

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